Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Doesn’t matter if your team Spike or Edward, like the good old vampires of Transylvania or just enjoy the tall brooding pale types. The library has all the books for you and your eternal love.

Sink your teeth into

  • Interview with the vampire By Ann Rice (Series: Vampire chronicles)
  • Vampire Academy By Richelle Mead (Series Vampire Academy)
  • Bloodthirsty By Flynn Meaney
  • Twilight By Stephenie Myer (Series: Twilight)
  • Undead and unwed By Mary Janice Davidson (Series: Queen Betsy)
  • Dead until dark By Charlaine Harris (Series: Sookie Stackhouse)
From the shadow of Dracula: a life of Bram Stoker By Paul Murray. This biography takes a look at the life of Bram Stroker the man who lived in a world filled with mystery.

Dracula By Bram Stoker. The original vampire king himself Dracula need we say more.

Vlad the Impaler: in search of the real Dracula By M.J. Trow. This is for the adventurous type who want to know the man behind the mystery, it is said that Vlad is descended from Dracula himself.


Starfire said...

As you all know, I'm a huge Twilight fan so I won't bore you there anymore. Just read it if you haven't already!!!! My favourite book in the Twilight Saga is Breaking Dawn. Some others you also have to read are the Anita Blake series and JR Ward (author) if you're older. If you're a teen try Morganville Vampires or Mortal Instruments series. I also love Anne Rice. If you haven't seen the movie Interview with a Vampire then don't!!! Lestat is so much better in my head.

Anonymous said...

Hi Starfire,

I too like Twilight- but I like the movies better. Crazy hey. I'm actually not reading the last book (your favourite) to see it at the movies (so no spoilers please!). Other than those I have never really been into "Fangtastic" books. However, I have seen the first series of True Blood and enjoyed watching it. It's crazy how someone can come up with such out there ideas for storylines. My friend has seen all of the shows and is reading the books but I'm not sure that I will read them. I think I have gone the wrong way round and watched it first. has anyone read the sookie stackhouse books? any good? perhaps I should try them.....

Banshee said...

I am a paranormal fiction addict. I loved the Twilight books, Mortal Instruments series and the Vampire Academy series (although I thought the final book "Last sacrifice" was a bit of a letdown)-"spirit bound" was my fav! I quite liked the "evermore" series by Alison Noel and Fallen ...Torment by Lauren Kate. Not so struck on the Marked series by the Casts.( I wouldn't recommend these for the under 16 age group)
"Halo" by Alexandra Adornetto is a sweet story suitable for the younger teens.
Other quite good youth vampire books are "the vampire's assitant' by Darren Shan the Morganville vampires and some of the Scott Westerfeld books.
Anonymous..I have read all the Sookie Stackhouse books. They're really good. Definitely worth reading. I have seen every True
Blood episode but I like the books so much better. I don't really like the way True Blood has altered the storylines. I also like Charlaine Harris's other series "Grave sight" etc
I've just read the Demon Princess books - what a hoot! A very cute funny little series for youth. Not so much for adults. Another nice series for youth are the Maggie Stiefvater books - I 've read 2 series - Shiver/Linger and Lament/Ballad- about werewolves and the fae respectively.
I agree with Starfire- the Anita Blake books are great but not for anyone younger than 18 and a very worldly 18 at that- they are R rated. Her "Meredith gentry" books are just as good.(Well nearly as good!)Still R rated though!
I have also read a few Saint Germaine vampire books by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. I found them a little old fashioned but they might be perfect for someone else who prefers more traditional Vampire novels. I really enjoyed the Morrigan's Cross vampire trilogy by Nora Roberts. Dont be put off by the butterflies on the cover.

Anonymous said...

Well I have read serveral vampire fiction over the past year or so one of the best ones is The House of Night series that followes the lives Zoe and her friends all teenage vampires who have to stop the bad guy from winning I do like the series because it has a lot of Native American (cherokee)mythology and dabbles in the Scottish relm as well.

Anonymous said...

just had a look, getting over the vamp thing atm, though i think i would like to read bram stokers dracula..... the origin of most vamp books and movies!!! i'm reading fallen by thomas e sniegoski about nephilim and fallen angels, just fini...shed the "tomorrow when the war began" series, and the ellie chronicals that follow it up...... LOVED those books.... if you havn't read it yet, i think you would love "city of bone" it's the first book in the mortal instruments seies by cassandra clare.... it's about nephilim fighting underworld creatures, well written!!!

Anonymous said...

The books I have read are in the Drake chronicles it's a new series that follows the Drake family an ancient family of vampires that live with humans each book is about a different child in the family I think cos well only two have been written and well they both followed separate siblings. Though their family is one of the oldest they are full of controversy dating humans, dating the son of the evil organisation who tried to kill you and your family and hanging out with a vampire chick who lives with wolves what’s wrong with that family They are written by Alyxandra Harvey

Another book I read Bloodthirsty by Meaney Flynn the main character is finbar frame it’s so good and funny it’s about one boys dream to fit into school, have a girlfriend and just like the rest of us want to hide from our embarrassing family at any cost. The book follows Finbar’s journey to become a vampire. Like they say fake it till you make it.

sarah e said...

Well for my Fangtastic book would have to be The Undead Series that follows the life or dead life of Elizabeth Taylor or Betsy as she likes to be known, She dies and then wakes up as the Queen of all Vampires who just happens to have the best shoe collection ever, and one drop dead gorgeous husband who like all men just want to be king. This is an amazing read for anyone who wants some light fun vampires, while the series progress it gets more interesting with ghost’s, where wolves and the devil and that's not even the best part add a half sister who acts as an angel but turns out to be the devils daughter and a daemon child form your step mum but that's all in a day’s work for Betsy well only if she has killer shoes. Plus one of the books mentions a fanatical librarian.

Anonymous said...

Love vampire books, and movies!

adrian said...

not much of a book person, so i'll post about a film instead... no, not twilight.

daybreakers, released at the beginning of last year to minimal success, should have gotten far more recognition than it did for turning the vampire genre on it's head. instead of a few vampires preying on a majority of humans, you have a whole society of vampires hunting the few humans left. the film follows edward (teehee) dalton, a vampire hemotologist trying to find a blood substitute, so the human blood supply doesn't run out and everyone dies. by chance he meets up with a group of humans and finds out that vampirism can be cured. the metaphor for squandering ones resources alone makes the film worth checking out. on top of that, great performances by dafoe, hawke and niell just sweeten the deal. a must-see for any vamp fan.

Anonymous said...

Well have read all of the Sharleen Harris series of books with sookie, but must admit l am a BILL fan. Forget edward and spike. Mayebe even Eric.
But must asdmit lam a jacob fan, go the wear wolves.