Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Escape with a book

This months theme is "ESCAPE". What better to escape with, than a good book? You don't even have to leave your home!! If you have escaped recently with a book or two, which ones were they? Leave your review below and tell us about your "escape" book.

Some suggestions to get you started are:
  • Escape the night by Richard North Patterson
  • Escape by Barbara Delinsky
  • Dangerous days : a digger's great escape by Ernest Brough.
  • As far as my feet will carry me by Josef M. Bauer
  • Escape to... Kakadu [videorecording]
  • The long walk : the true story of a trek to freedom by Slavomir Rawicz


Josie said...

I have just "escaped" with "Before I fall" by Lauren Oliver. While this is what I would call a "teen" book, it really isnt! Its about a teen girl who has a dream about her own death. She wakes up not really sure if it was a dream or was she really dead. She then starts thinking about her life, and realises she is a self centred spoilt brat. It is rather like ground hog day for her, as she keeps reliving the same day over and over, trying to be the kind of person she would like to be remembered as. Its an awesome read!

Reewel said...

I am escaping with Stephen Kings latest novel 11 22 63. This is a time travel book set in 2011, but the main character is able to travel back to the late 1950,s. He has been asked to go back through his time tunnel and change the course of history and save the life of JFK. Does he do it? I dont know, I am rapidly reading to find out. This is one of those books one looks forward to getting back to at the end of each day.

Vicki Micallef said...

When I want to have time for myself, I love to escape into a good book, it doesnt matter what it is..... I just love reading. The world that Tolkien created in the Lord of the Rings series is unforgettable and is full of humour, honour, love and above all the fight for good over evil. A wonderful escapist novel.

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading "girl with a pearl earring" by Tracy Chevelier. Its about a young maid in the late 1600s who goes to work for the painter Vermeer - and is subsequently the subject of his painting "girl with a pearl earing.". Although its based around a real artist and his work the story is fictional. I really enjoyed the book and the descriptions of Vermeer painting his works are very interesting and make you want to find out more about them. There was a movie made from the book several years ago with Scarlett Johansaon and Colin Firth which is also worth a look. Kristen

trendy said...

The book I recently escaped into was 'Last night in Twisted River' by John Irving. It tells the story of a father and son and their lives over 5 decades. After a tragic incident at Twisted River early in the story (described in Irving's usual unique style)they move from town to town. They are always looking over their shoulders for Constable Carl the law officer in Twisted River who knows their secret. I just loved this novel. If you enjoy John Irving you will not be dissapointed as this is a return to the wonderful style of his earlier novels.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recommendation Josie. I decided to read "Before I fall." I enjoyed the book - even though the main caharacter is not really a very nice person. It doesn't really make much sense that she's living the same day again and again but you kind of have to accept it - it is fiction after all! It's an interesting variation on the "high school mean girls" genre. It makes you think as well about appreciating every day you're alive because we really don't know when it could be our last.

Anonymous said...

At the moment I'm escaping with The Notebook, yes I've seen the movie then reading the book :) I have to say I'm quite liking that I watched it first. One of my favourite movies just because it's so romantic and a great way to escape and now the book is an even better way to escape commuting on the train. Whisked away into another time and country it helps make an otherwise boring trip quite enjoyable.