Friday, June 1, 2012

Dreams of reading

Have you ever dreamed of being lost on a desert island just for a weekend, all by yourself with just a book? If so what book would you choose? Leave a review (before June 30th 2012) on the book you would choose, and go in the draw to win a National Year of Reading book pack.

Please leave your name and email address at the bottom of the review so we may contact you should you win the book pack.This information will not be displayed publicly. Limit of one review per person. Prize must be collected from any Hills Shire Library.


If its too hard to choose, here's some of the most popular books this month

  •  Lone Wolf – Jodi Picoult 
  •  Fifty Shades of Grey – E. L. James
  • Guilty Wives – James Patterson
  • A Dance with Dragons – George R Martin
  •  The Lucky One – Nicholas Sparks
  • Stay Close – Harlan Coben
  • Wattle Creek – Fiona McCallum
  • The Lost Years – Mary Higgins Clark
  • 11th Hour – James Patterson
  •  The Help – Kathryn Stockett


Henry said...

50 Shades of Grey was a book I apprached very apprehensively. With all the hype and terms like "mummyporn" being thrown around I wasn't sure whether I should waste my time with it but when a customer at the Library who happened to be a psychiatrist recommended it, I was intrigued. Her comment was that it was an interesting study on a very sad, damaged man. This man, with the aid of the female protagonist worked through his issues in rather interesting ways. Her reactions to his 'kinkiness'was what I found interesting. It might be racy and yes, bordering on porn and I wouldn't ever recommend this book to a teenager, not even to my daughter who is 21, but it certainly is one of those books you can't put down. I read the series of three in 2 weeks. Prudish people and lovers of "good literature, darling" need not apply.

Anonymous said...

I am waiting to read the book "1Q84" by Haruki Murakami at the moment. A couple of people have recommended it to me but it is a VERY thick book so is probably going to take me ages to read! Thats why I would take it to the desert island as I would need something long to keep me occupied and I would have lots of free time to get through it!
Has anyone read it? Is it any good?

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