Friday, November 2, 2012


The National Year of Reading theme for November is Cry. What book have you read that has made you cry. Where you moved by a story of achievement, motivation or determination, or maybe a sad event in someones life that you were brought to tears? Though this doesnt need to be a sad cry, you could have been crying with joy or with laughter, reading a book so funny it made you laugh till your tummy hurt. Jump in and tell us which book made you cry and why. Check out one of The Hills Shire Library Service libraries for some of these suggestions below.

  • Born standing up : a comic's life by Steve Martin
  • My extraordinary life and death by Doug Macleod
  • Life without limits : how to live a ridiculously good life by Nick Vujicic
  • One for the money by Janet Evanovich
  • Dare to fly by Janine Shepherd
  • Angel In the rubble : how I survived for 27 hours under the World Trade Centre debris  by Genelle Guzman-McMillan with William Croyle
  • Quacking up : wacky jokes for feathered folks
  • The best of Morecambe & Wise [DVD]
  • Dear fatty by Dawn French
These are just a few. What can you add?


Lily said...

"Love in the years of lunacy". This book made me cry. So beautifully written.

trendy said...

'A Second Wind'by Phillipe Pozzo di Borgo is a biography that will bring a tear to your eye. This is the tue story that inspired the film 'The Intouchables' Phillipe suffers both physically and emotionally and his writing is quite moving.I loved the film, it is a must see! The playful relationship between Phillipe and Abdel really shines. The film also made me cry, but through it's joyfulness!

Anonymous said...

The book which has almost moved me to tears is Sarah's key by Tatiana DE Rosnay. It is about the roundup of the jews in Paris in 1942.

It is something in History that should never be repeated and makes you appreciate how lucky we are.