Friday, August 23, 2013

Tea with Arwa by Arwa El Masri

 The most important things in Arwa el Masri's life are her family and her faith ... and then her love of food. Arwa is a child of many countries. She was born in Saudi Arabia, lived in America as a child and spent time with her extended family in Syria. and yet, as the daughter of Palestinian migrants, Arwa did not have a country that she could call home. Just before her ninth birthday her parents came to Australia to give their daughters the greatest gift they could, the right of citizenship and a country that could call their own, a place they could belong.

The story of a woman's life journey finding a place to call home and the faith that forms the bedrock of her character. Told simply and openly with lashings of recipes for the reader to connect with the tastes and smells of Arwa's life. Overwhelmingly positive and uplifting, affirming Australia as a wonderful place to call home, wherever you were born...

Thanks Tiffany for your great review. Check the library catalogue if you would like to read this excellent book or one of our many other autobiographies. 

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Anonymous said...

This was a wonderful read, written in an easy format with lots of recipes. It gives you a good insight into the Arab and Muslim worlds and a good appreciation of family and glad to be an Australian.