Friday, October 25, 2013

Alice Munro, Winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature 2013

Alice Munro is a Canadian writer who was recently awarded the Nobel prize in Literature for work as "master of the modern short story". Many of Munro's stories are set in Huron County, Ontario and usually focus on women and Munro herself has said she writes about the "underbelly of relationships". Munro has an ability to make a short story feel as full as a novel. Munro has been awarded several awards during her career as a writer in which writing has established her as"one of our greatest contemporary writers of fiction."

At age 82 Dear Life is Munro's most recent and possibly last book as she has hinted at retiring and is available as an audio book or check out some of her other stories in the library cataogue at

Other titles available by Alice Munro:

  • Carried Away: a selection of short stories
  • Dance of the happy shades: and other stories
  • Runaway
  • The view from Castle Rock

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