Friday, November 22, 2013

What's in the plot?

"Plot driven" books are the subject of this weeks blog.  Perhaps you are someone who just wants to embark on a literary adventure, you want action, twists and turns, incredible escapes, the unexpected.
Typically these novels aren't read primarily for the characters but for the emotional response to the adventure. I had to smile recently when hearing a friend remark while reading a novel "I thought I had it all figured out" the who in the who dunnit clearly wasn't what they expected and then a few days later "another twist". Isn't that what a great read should be those sudden, unexpected twists and turns that lead you deeper and deeper into the unpredictable world of fiction.
Whether it be crime thriller, mystery, horror or action one thing is certain that a good plot driven book will entertain from beginning to end.

If you have read a great plot driven novel we love to hear about it.

Here are a couple suggestions that may interest you
  • The Tigers Wife By Tea Obreht (2011 Orange Prize winner)
The Tigers Wife is set in the Balkans during the postwar chaos and focuses around Natalia, a young physician who is trying to understand the mystery that surrounds her grandfathers death.  In this novel you will encounter folklore, mystery, superstitions and secrets. The most amazing story of all is the one her grandfather never told her and one that Natalia must discover for herself.

  • 1Q84 - by Haruki Murakami. This novel is set in Japan in 1984 with it's heroine, Aomame, an assassin, and Tengo with whom she has a mysterious connection. Not a quick read with three volumes published in one.
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Bovi said...

I love Dan Brown's works that rocket you along. I recently read Feed by Mira Gran. Tightly written, 3 young characters with voices of personality and spunk, well set out post-zombie apocalypse world. Well set up plotline with a nice twist along the way - I thought I had a good idea of who was behind the conspiracy, and was right in the end, but the twist added more people into the mix that I hadn't considered. The end chapters are beautifully written and heartwrenching (I finished the book through a haze of tears).