Friday, October 10, 2014

Judy Nunn

Australian author, Judy Nunn has had a multifaceted career spanning acting, scriptwriting for television and radio and then in the 1990's turned to writing novels.
Judy has a love for writing Australian historically based fiction. She has sold over one million books worldwide.
Judy has written 12 novels, her latest best seller, Elianne in 2013.


Elianne is set in Queensland in the 1960's.  Elianne is both the name of one of the finest great sugar mills in Southern Queensland created by "Big Jim" Durham in 1881 and the name of his young French wife, Elianne Desmarais. However Elianne and it's masters, the Durham Family, have dark and distant secrets which surface in the wildest and most inflammatory of times, the 1960's.
Kate Durham and her brothers Neil and Alan are caught up in the social revolution, rock'n'roll, the pill, Vietnam War, the rise of Feminism, and Asian immigration.  As mechanisation lessens the need for labour, workers start to leave the great sugar estate and the Durham family, it's secrets exposed, begins to fall from grace.

Judy's book include:
  • Tiger Men
  • Maralinga
  • Floodtide
  • Heritage
  • Pacific
  • Territory
  • Beneath the Southern Cross
  • Kal
  • Araluen
  • Centre Stage
  • The Glitter Game
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