Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Great Zoo of China

The Great of Zoo of China by Matthew Reilly, his latest blockbuster is a " pumped up to the extreme" action novel about the world of dragons and the geopolitics of China. Reilly admits that "zoos have always fascinated him" and "it was great fun to do a gleeful monster movie on paper".

The Great Zoo of China is a secret the Chinese government have been keeping for forty years.  In the zoo is a species that no one believed even existed.  Dr. Cassandra Jane Cameron an expert on reptiles and a writer for National Geographic is among a group of VIPs who have been brought to the zoo deep within China to see this animal for the first time.  Although the visitors have been assured by the Chinese that they will be perfectly safe and nothing could possibly go wrong, of course that turns out not to be case and so Reilly provides us with "outrageousness, the over the top stuff" his novels are known for.

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The Hills Shire Library Service said...

I am a massive fan of Matthew Reilly.... I may have all his books and an autograph, but this is his first female hero [CJ] and she is written so well, part Xena, Wonder Woman, Indianan Jones and a touch of Bear Grills. I love this book for the way it sucks you in form page one everything is on the go. I enjoy the adventure in this book how they must escape from the zoo and from the monster that are inside both human and mythical.

The details in the book from the Chinese landscape to the way the western world is viewed and relationships between people are some of the best I've seen him write in a while. I appreciate the research that he does to provide the reader with an enthralling experience ^_^

Marianne Watts said...

Get ready to strap yourself in for the most action packed ride of your life.
In true Matthew Reilly style the book is full of action and suspense which will have the book read in no time. The book is based around a Dragon Zoo where the Dragons take control, the question is will the people inside the Zoo escape. Well worth the read.