Friday, July 31, 2015

eAudiobook Title of the Month

The Secret River by Kate Grenville has inspired an ABC mini-series and is the story of William Thornhill, transported in 1806 from the slums of London to New South Wales for the term of his natural life. Like many convicts William is pardoned a few years later and settles with his family on the banks of the Hawkesbury River.  However, there is one problem in that the land is already owned, territory of the Darug People.  Some of William's neighbours think nothing of  running the Darug people off the land or even killing them, while other's make a different choice and find ways to co-exist.  When the hostility between the blacks and whites escalates William has to make a decision that will be with him the rest of his life.

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Marianne Watts said...

The Secret River is a well done story so like the TV Mini series. The book includes one extra which covers the time spent in England before arriving in Australia.
The book teaches us that hard work will pay off, we also see that assimilation of cultures is just as prevalent today.
Well worth a read.