Friday, October 23, 2015

Mark Tedeschi at Castle Hill

Join Mark Tedeschi at Castle Hill Library on Thursday 12th November 7-8pm.


Mark Tedeschi, a Barrister and Crown Prosecutor for thirty five years, will be talking about his latest book Kidnapped, the story of a gripping crime that many people still remember today.
Kidnapped is the story of Stephen Bradley, who in 1960 perpetrated the kidnapping and murder of eight year old school boy, Graeme Thorne, after reading about the winner of the Opera House Lottery. Motivated by greed, Bradley tracked down the Thorne family in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs, planning on a ransom when he took their son off a Sydney street in day light hours and instead caused nationwide shock and horror across the nation when Graeme's body was found by police.
This marked the beginning of modern forensic science as a tool in the investigation of the crime, much which have since become commonplace.

Both this and Mark's previously successful book Eugenia can be found on our catalogue.

Bookings online are essential. Cost is $7.50.

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Marianne Watts said...

In true legal style Kidnapped as well as the previous book Eugenia on a totally different legal matter is well explained and researched.
The book Kidnapped is a good read if you have heard of the case and didn't know much more. It shows the way it has shaped legal proceedings for the future.