Friday, January 8, 2016

Staff review


Thank you to one of our staff members from Castle Hill for the following review:


Ahn Do -The Happiest Refugee

If you think your life is tough, you must read this biography. Ahn Do nearly didn't make it to Australia. As assylum seekers, his entire family came close to losing their lives whilst fleeing from war torn Vietnam.
This easy to read, tragic, but yet funny story gives a true insight as to the struggles our asylum seekers experience and at the end makes you question our treatment of them. You can't help but fall in love with Ahn Do's big heart. I think it would be better in audio so you can actually hear his voice.
If you enjoyed Ahn Do's book, you may also like to share The Little Refugee with younger readers. This is Ahn's inspirational story, told especially for children. The story is a simplified version of the full memoir with a positive message throughout. The illustrations by Bruce Whatley complement the story perfectly.
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