Friday, February 26, 2016

The Illuminations by Andrew O'Hagan

Andrew O'Hagan has been nominated twice for the Man booker Prize and was voted one of Granta's Best of young British Novelists in 2003.

The illuminations is Andrew O'Hagans fifth book and is a deeply charged story about love and memory, about modern war and the complications of fact. How much do we keep from the people we love? Why is the truth so often buried in secrets?

Anne Quirk is an elderly woman, no longer remembered, but in her youth she was a pioneer of British documentary photography. Her beloved grandson, Luke, is now a captain in the British army on a tour of duty in Afghanistan.   He is confronted with questions of loyalty and moral responsibility when a mission goes horribly wrong that will continue to haunt him.  On Luke's return to Scotland both his and Anne's story start to emerge and they set out for a an old guest house in Blackpool where she once kept a room. There they witness the annual illuminations, the dazzling artificial lights  that brighten the seaside resort town as the season turns to winter.

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