Thursday, September 22, 2016

2016 Ned Kelly Award Winner for True Crime

Certain Admissions by Gideon Haigh is this years Ned Kelly Award winner for true crime.
This work is a collection of, real-life police procedural courtroom drama, family saga, investigative journalism, social history and archival treasure hunt.

In December 1949 two young people met by chance under the clocks at Flinders Railway station and decide to have a night on the town.  Australia was transfixed when the next morning Beth Williams, a 20 year old typist is found dead on Albert Park Beach and John Bryan Kerr is arrested.  24 year old Kerr was a suave handsome commercial radio star educated at Scotch College and neighbor to Harold Holt in Toorak.  Police said he confessed but Kerr denied it steadfastly. What followed were three dramatic trials and a relentless public campaign proclaiming his innocence. Kerr became a Pentridge celebrity, a poster boy for rehabilitation. Then, shortly after his death another man confessed to having murdered Williams.

If you love to read true crime then this will be a must to read.
Let us know what you thought about this or any other true crime books you can recommend.

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