Friday, December 2, 2016

Staff Review

I have just read Sting Sandra Browns latest novel.  If you feel like an entertaining, fast paced read then this is a great choice.  Although the plot is not a new one Sandra Brown has a talent for keeping you hooked.   If you like a thriller romance then you'll love this.  Gorgeous Jordie Bennett arrives at a dodgy Louisiana bar, the exact bar that hitmen Mickey Bolden and Shaw Kinnard are in as they plan their hit on Jordie , ordered by famous and greatly feared criminal Billy Panella.  It appears Jordie's brother, once employed by Panella has ripped him off and payback is his sisters life.
When Jordie leaves the bar Mickey and Shaw follow, but minutes later Mickey is dead and Jordie is kidnapped by Shaw.
Jordie's brother Josh, an escaped federal witness, is the only link to the millions that disappeared, and Jordie is sure to provide the way to track him down.  The FBI are hot on Shaw's tale while also trying to locate Josh before Panella does.  Predictably sparks fly between captor and captive but Brown does manage to throw a few twists into the plot to keep you guessing.

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