Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Page to Screen

The holiday season is over,
however there is always time to enjoy a great book!
This weeks choice is the biography A Long Way Home by Saroo Brierley. In conjunction with the release of the film, the book has now been published with the title Lion.

Lion is a true story of one boys journey that results in triumph against incredible odds.
Saroo Brierley is only a child aged 5 when he begs his brother to take him to work with him in the next town. Saroo becomes separated from his brother and awakens on a train heading for Kolkata. Not knowing his family name, his mother's first name or the name of the town he is from, Saroo is hopelessly lost. He wanders the streets for weeks and just barely survives. After being helped by a stranger, he is housed in an orphanage. Here he is adopted by an Australian family who introduce him to his new life, almost 11,000 kilometres away, in Tasmania.
Although Saroo is happy with his new family, he always wondered about his origins and his family that he left behind. Saroo spends hours looking at a map of India. With the advent of Google Maps, he pores over satellite images of his home country looking for landmarks he may recognize. Until one day he finds what he is searching for and his real journey home begins.

Lion is an incredibly moving, inspiring and heartwarming story. Join Saroo on his early childhood journey through loss, fear and sadness to the man he becomes, having never giving up on finding his way home.

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